Wednesdays with the Arts: Indie Life –When Fiction and Reality Do Not Collide

Key the music. I Need a Hero is playing in my mind, visions of knights drawing their sword spring to life, and the alpha male is born.

I didn’t realize until recently that some people have a negative view of alpha males. I guess it depends on your definition of alpha. In fact, I never thought of people as alpha or beta so in real life those categories mean absolutely nothing to me.

But here’s my take on the alpha by way of fiction, which apparently for some does not collide with reality.

In my writing work I like the alpha that is willing to give his last breath to save the woman he loves. He’s not so demanding and controlling as to think he has the right to control who the woman friends, what she eats or what she wears. I have actually known men like that in real life and to me it’s a weak man’s way of trying to find something he can control and dominate. For me, there is nothing alpha about that. I like being sure my alpha males have strong women who can definitely hold their own, but is willing to compromise on some things.

I like writing my alphas with flaws of their own, but when the situation arises where they need to step up to the plate and take on the role of protector they do it. I also like writing the guys who go after the woman they are interested in so I don’t write many that have issues approaching a woman once they are so inclined to do so.

In Love Before Christmas ebookI wrote one guy who people deemed “beta” because he really was that guy who was in the friend zone. He was in the book In Love Before Christmas. I liked him. He was sweet and would do anything to help a friend, but he was also shy and was afraid to really lose the friendship they had by trying to go after her in pursuit of a romantic relationship.

I’ve noticed lately there are a lot of women with men who seem to not know how to stand up for themselves or for the woman they love. In fiction, the leading man, reluctant or not, always somehow comes out to be the hero because he steps up to the plate and knocks one out of the park (love the baseball analogy here) In real life…well, I don’t know, but it seems that things they are-a-changin’ and not in a good way.

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