Fly on the Wall Sunday: Father Knows Best

No, I’m not talking about a television show here. My dad gave me advice a couple months ago. At the time I was completely lost and he didn’t have anything additional to add to the advice because he really didn’t know what I could do with it either. So today I’m giving you a Fly on the Wall look at the epic change of my writing world.


First, let me say that Hunted is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu (print). You can read exclusive excerpts on the Sneak Peek page.

Now, onto a different kind of Fly on the Wall look.

Change on the Horizon

Dad: “Maybe you should write something else.”

Me: “Like what?”

Dad: “I don’t know.”

Of course I just shook my head in a, thanks for the advice but I don’t know what to do with it, kind of manner. I have written non-fiction so my mind went to the fact that maybe I should go back to writing non-fiction.

Yesterday morning, while trying to get my ballerina bun hairstyle fixed just right I had what I’ll call my “ah ha” moment.

There are a few complications to my moment but one is more major than others.


I’m a shipper. It’s that simple. I didn’t know what that meant when I had a magazine editor tell me that after he accepted one of my stories, but over the years I have figured it out. I build relationships into stories and I always have—even when I wrote mystery stories there was always a little bit of attraction between the characters somewhere in the story. Because of my shipper qualities I don’t think I will abandon writing within the genre of romance completely, however I do have changes in store.

I am planning to focus on writing in a non romance genre later this year and hope that by 2015 I will have some books ready for the new genre. I am also taking on a non-fiction project that is close to my heart so I will be working on that this year as well. Outside of that, I have some major life changes coming up soon and those life changes will impact any writing (fiction writing) that I do.

Basically, my life is going through a metamorphosis and for me it’s a good thing. I will try to make sure fiction books in series are out in a timely fashion too. So Capri Montgomery Books is changing, and so is my life. I have more news I’ll be sharing this month that will give you a look at just what’s changing and what it means for the CMB line of romance genre books.



  1. Good for you. I think looking at your cover, that you should make and sell them. I love your books to. I have them all so far and I have enjoyed reading them several time.

    • Thank you :). I love making covers, but I sometimes think in this business it’s who you know not what you can do. So I just have fun making covers for me, even though many of the ones I have made are for books I will probably never release…and worse, probably never finish writing.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying reading my books. It’s always nice to know that somebody appreciates them. :).

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