Wednesdays with the Arts: 2014 a Look Ahead

Hey you’ve made it to 2014…well, if your clock has rolled over to make your calendar move on to Wednesday then you’ve made it to 2014. It’s a new year with no mistakes in it—yet.

I’m still here, still writing and still moving forward in new directions. By way of books, I have several that are ready for release and I do believe they will still be released this year. The first book is Hunted.huntedHunted is the next to last book in the Men of Action series and features Keadon serving as protector and guardian while finally opening his heart and his arms to love. This book will be out this month.

The following books, in no specific order, are:

Love in Music with title

Love in Music, which features contemporary romance of two hearts in flux. Can music bring them into harmony, or will a recently broken heart shatter before it can mend?


CagedCaged ~ this one is all about the Adventures Through Time series. Poor Charla. When she was desperately trying to escape her broken dream this was not exactly what she had in mind. The dinosaurs eat people. The people eat people. The plants eat people. Is there anything in this place that does not eat people? She’s going to find out and lucky for her, there’s a stranger who has had plenty of time stranded in this unknown land to figure out just how to survive. Should she trust him; or would taking her chances with the prehistoric beasts be the safer option?

Mine's to kill coverMine’s to Kill ~ “Your mission’s to save lives, mine’s to kill.” Witnessing a crime is bad enough, witnessing the crime of a determined serial killer is worse. When deaf artist Colt Grayson’s evening mind-clearing jog throws his life into chaos he’s going to have to take the witness protection offered to him, but he’s only going to do it on his terms. When the beautiful Autumn Kitsap, newly appointed head of a special witness protection unit with troubles of their own, becomes his new guardian can he let Autumn focus on her job; or will his constant efforts to seduce her put them both in danger?

This one is part of the Special Ops series and is the first book in the Witness Protection segment.

Trouble in Paradise with series

Trouble in Paradise ~ Sterling Lancaster is going to have to put his protection agency to use on a personal level. With his daughter spending her summer visit in Tahiti with him while he works along with the woman he’s hired to keep the employees in shape and eating healthy, can his divided focus keep the woman he loves alive when an unexpected demon from the past turns up in paradise?

ghostThere are several other books that are in line for edits and some in the finishing stages for the first draft. And on top of that I really need to get back to work on Ghost, which is the last book in the MOA series.

But, as I have been hinting around at, I have life changes coming up this year. I don’t want to go into too much detail until those changes are on the way because until it happens it’s still just a possibility and not a reality. But I will say that within the next week I should know, and by the end of the month things should be set in motion. How much this will impact my work and my time online is still something that remains to be worked out, but I believe it will have a pretty big impact.

I hope you all brought in the New Year safely. Have a great day and make the best of a nearly fresh start. Remember, yesterday is the past, tomorrow the future, and today, the present, is the only thing you can moderately control.



    • Thanks :). I am glad you are enjoying my writing. I apologize for the delay on approving and responding. I seem to keep falling behind with moderating and approving comments. The Witness Protection Segment is supposed to start this year. The first book is done so it will probably be the first half of the year for release.

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