Fly on the Wall Sunday: Deconstructing Hunted

A couple weeks ago I gave you all an extended look into Hunted and this week I’m giving you the behind the scenes look.

Hunted is one of those books that actually started before the Men of Action series was even imagined. I started Hunted, much like another book released this year and one that’s still not done yet, back in oh…2008 about early summer I believe.

A lot happened for me in 2008, including moving across the country (again) and leaving everything behind. Life just had an uprising of chaos for me and writing wasn’t something that I focused my attention on a whole lot. Actually, I would venture to say that I did writing much like I did in many aspects of my past—I wrote when the mood struck me, and I wrote the movies that were playing in my head. Hunted was not one of those movies.

When Keadon appeared in my MOA series I kind of thought maybe I should finish his story and so, slowly but surely, I worked on finishing his story. I wish I could say it was smooth sailing, but it wasn’t. Some days it was like pulling teeth without the Novocain. Some days my mind just zeroed in on other movies to write and so I worked on different stories—a lot of them. But eventually I got back to Hunted and when I did it really started to come together. I do think this is probably the shortest book in the series, but I did tell the story in as many words as it took to tell the story, not one more and not one less. So, after years of working on it, I am finally ready to release Hunted as my first book of 2014.

Hunted and Ghost are the last books in the Men of Action series. It’s been a fun ride exploring these stories. Thanks to all of you who came along on the journey with me. And now, if you want to read another excerpt from Hunted, click on the link below and you’ll get to the second Fly on the Wall look inside Hunted Excerpt 2.


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