Cello Diaries: The Land of Two Instruments

The year is almost over and I am hoping the New Year will bring in good things, like more peaceful world settings (but I’m not holding my breath on that), new personal triumphs, better business experiences and of course, better cello playing.

Of course I had to talk about cello; this is Cello Diaries after all.

How have things been going for me since the last time I posted?

Not bad actually. See, I refrained from saying they haven’t been going well either ;).

Actually, being serious, I am quite pleased with my progress. It still needs loads of work, but shifting has gotten better and I really think I kind of sort of can play the song I’m working on…kind of…sort of ;).

I might be playing at a writing event next year, so if that’s still on I really need to find a song I can play. I like the one I’m working on, but I kind of need three other cellists as it is a round and does sound much better round not singular. But it’s pretty and if I can get it just right it might be my only option.

I’m hoping 2014 will be my year for a growth spurt in cello playing. I keep telling myself I should have picked a different instrument, but you know it could be worse. I could have picked the harp and that is a lot of strings to tune and replace and learn, and oh my…nobody teaches the harp here either so I’d be in the same boat as I am with cello. I should have picked the guitar. There’s like a guitar instructor everywhere here—guitar and piano. I am starting to think this is the land of two instruments.

Cello Goals

Play music like this…okay, work on learning to play music like this :). I particularly like the second song–Thomas Bergersen’s Cry. Yes, I know I would need far more than one instrument for something this epic, but a woman can dream can’t she ;)?


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