Wednesdays with the Arts: Leaving the World of Dating Behind

Capri has left the dating world…and apparently decided to start talking about herself in third person :). Seriously, thank you all for coming along on the journey with me this month. I hope that you were able to get some tips, find some sites to visit, or find a little encouragement for your interracial dating, or just dating in general, journey.

I started this month-long focus on interracial dating not just because I write IR romance, but because I have been in several groups and also read several comments on articles that indicated that some people do really want to do it, but are afraid or confused as to how to make dating interracially work.

When I ventured into this topic I hadn’t expected everything I found. I guess I never really realized how crazy the world of dating could be. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. The more I researched the more I thought that dating was like crossing into the gates of hell and praying to find heaven. But I also found some positivity, some hopeful thinking, and some good advice along the way.

I hope I was able to share something that helped at least one person on their quest to find the right person to venture into the journey of life with.

I’m officially exhausted on researching this thing called dating and I’m leaving it behind for the New Year to go in search of something else to research and share. I don’t know what that something else is yet, but I do have ideas. I also have some expected major life changes coming up next year so I might have to change some things and I might not be as active online, on this blog, or writing and publishing next year. I currently have seven books ready to go, but as life changes for me I really don’t know what the New Year will bring my way. Expectation does not equal realization so I just don’t have a clue right now how things will turn out for me.

Even though I am leaving this topic on interracial dating behind if you all have something you want me to research regarding IR dating, or you have questions on the topic, just ask and if I can make it happen I will blog the answer.

For now, all I can say is thanks again for joining me this month and I do hope you all have a wonderful New Year. I’ll, of course, be back here tomorrow-Sunday and then I’ll officially be back in 2014 with the first of the New Year’s Wednesdays with the Arts. The road beyond that is a mystery to me, but I’ll probably let you all know where I’m going when I know.

A couple IR Sites I found while researching that I think might be useful to the ladies and gentlemen looking to “Swirl” are listed below. The first two are the same site, but one is a direct link to more links that you can go exploring if you want to.

Closing out the month of dating postings I’m leaving you with one of my much listened to Toni Braxton songs—Spanish Guitar.


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