Wednesdays with the Arts: Online Dating

I have been talking dating all month and today isn’t any different. I went in search of sites to accompany Friday’s post—you know the one about online dating profile photos. Well, today I’m listing some sites that feature interracial dating.

Now first and foremost my Disclaimer: I have Not tried any of these sites. I do Not know if they’re any good. And I am Not responsible for your safety online.

So with that being said, proceed with caution with any dating site, research and make sure you take steps to stay safe in anything you do online and beyond.

Okay, on with what I have found. I’m kind of focusing on black women because I have seen a strong desire in several groups from black women who would like to date interracially and from white and Asian men who would like to date black women. I think some of these sites are more diverse, but I’m focusing on the ladies today so most of what I found is for interracial dating.

Some of the advice I have come across in my research basically points out the obvious, look for common ground. Whether you’re searching online or off line if you both have an interest in common then you’ll have something you can share, discuss and enjoy together.

Interracial Dating Sites

There are more sites out there, but these are just some of the ones I found while searching. If you’re sure this is what you want to do then research, study and learn. If you prefer to meet your next potential date off line, then some good advice I have heard is to just get involved with things you like to do. So if you like to ski, join a ski club. If you like science, or art, then get involved with more science and art events. While you’re enjoying yourself you might meet somebody you find interesting and want to get to know romantically.

Best wishes to you no matter which route you go in your quest to find romantic love.


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