Friday Dish: Photoshop Me Pretty

I told my mom I totally don’t care what bug people get up their butt about Photoshop. The photographers can Photoshop me pretty any time they want. She said I’m already pretty. Thanks, Mom. But seriously, they can Photoshop the picture to high heaven and if it made me look flawlessly beautiful I wouldn’t care. I would so hang that picture on my wall. However, I do think that when one is posting a picture for an online dating profile Photoshop or any other photo editing/manipulation work is not the way to go.

Drastically manipulating a photo and putting it on a dating profile is really misleading. Oh, I know, we’re all supposed to want the other person for the beauty of their heart…yeah, right. I agree with that, but at the same time a person has to be enticed to open the package and get to know the other person. If you post a fake photo then you’ve already started the relationship with a lie—bad idea.

So if Photoshop is a bad idea how can one take the best photo for their profile? Research, sadly, will help out here. You can also take some self portrait shots at different angles and in different lighting and study them to see what’s your best side and best light.

A few sites I found with tips and tricks:

Those are just a few but now that you have sites to go look at and read the tips, see some of the photos and draw your own conclusion on what will work best for you, you can go out there and get ready to take mind-boggling beautiful photos of yourself. Or you can just take good photos that might get you contacted on whatever site you’re thinking of doing this online dating thing on.

My take on the links

The second link: I don’t like the pictures, but I like the tips. I think because I’m an art type person I prefer photos that are more dramatically artsy, or at least captivate me enough to want to see more.

The last link: I liked the first photo for the dramatic, old Hollywood feel. I also like that they put their tips and the reasons for those tips next to the photo.

The first link: Good tips, but forgettable site.

I’ll add that I have read other research write-ups on the cleavage for women thing and while it does help get you noticed, going overboard and showing too much was not recommended.

Don’t forget to take notes as you go so you don’t forget any of the tips and tricks.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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