Wednesdays with the Arts: Passions

Next week is the Indie Life blog hop so I’ll have to talk writing then and currently I don’t have anything writing to talk about for today’s art related blog. Yes, I’m still writing. Yes, I’m still editing. There, update solved. So let’s talk music.

I know I have said like a gazillion times (if that’s at all possible) that I love music. I do love it. I honestly believe it is my greatest passion and was probably my calling. And you know what? I missed it. I totally missed that caboose on the train of life and sadly, the train can’t back up and give me a do-over. So, get over it; right? Right. Music will never be a career for me. I’m sure of that. Never say never, I know, but in this case I believe I can say that with certainty. After all, I hear me play the cello, it is not career worthy.

I do have fun playing though. I think I need more focus. Right now I’m working on shifting. I like shifting. Shifting used to scare me. I was so in love with staying in first position, simply because the rest of the string scared me, that I refused to move forward. But to get better one must push and challenge one’s self. So I pushed myself out of first and into fourth. Fourth is the most logical place to go after all ;). I found the perfect spot for my fingers and I knew exactly where my hand should fit. Oh, that was easy.

But then there was second and third and those were kind of a mystery in my mind. It’s not like I had a stop light to tell me where to go or anything like that. Yeah, the mind will hold you back if you let it. In my effort to push myself I slowed it down and focused and I figured it out. I figured out harmonics and it feels natural. But everything in between and beyond is still a mystery to me. My book stops at fourth extended so uh oh.

Am I really good at shifting? No. But, I have gotten really good at knowing when I have shifted to the wrong note, and I am no longer relying on my tuner as much as I used to. I didn’t need to rely on it; I just felt comfortable with it. It was my safety blanket, and just like a little kid, at some point I realized I had to let the blanket go.

So where am I with cello playing? I suck. But I suck beautifully :). I need a song to focus on to learn, but I can’t find anything in any of my books that I want to play, or can play.


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