Friday Dish: End of Month Madness

December is near and while I’m not scheduled to have a super busy month, the beginning of the month is going to be a little busy. With two new releases next month, the final Shadow Hills Returns book and the second book in the Write Me A Murder series, this week I had to do one final check to make sure everything would be ready for upload on time. Everything is ready so it’s all good to go.

In addition to working on that this week I worked on cover design, writing, editing and trying to get more business things pulled together. It has been a busy week.

As for December, so far the first couple weeks will have some level of busy to them, but the last couple weeks should (I think) give me some breathing room before tax season starts in January. I should be able to focus on writing or editing. But as always, I do realize a lot could happen between now and then to completely change my schedule.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place. Have a great weekend you all.


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