Wednesdays with the Arts: Writing and Release

Today is going to focus on the art of writing and releasing as I talk about the history behind one of my upcoming December releases–Shadow Hills Returns: Revenge Justified.

shadowhillsWhen I left Shadow Hills the first time I did not know I would be returning. So why did I return to Shadow Hills? A few readers asked me to go there. I thought about it. I knew there was a story there, but still a six month long series, while fun, is a lot of work that takes me away from working on other books. Plus it’s six months in the same town, meeting the same people so there’s a lot of who’s who and what’s their history? That’s something I have to remember from season to season.

In the Shadow Hills Returns series I knew which characters would be back. In season one we had the mayor who liked to steal…or as he would say, “collect,” pretty things that belonged to other people. We had Tanner and Anya who both needed to find a way to stop running–her from her past, and him from the emotional hell his war injury and divorce had left him in. We had murder, scandals and a small town where everybody has a secret. We also had Emmie and Darcy Devenshaw. They were most definitely cut from the same cloth of evil and I knew they would be back in season two.

In the second season I knew Emmie had more of a story. How did she become the woman she was? What drove her to the place where she was last season? And when I started exploring that in season two I found a deeper Emmie than I expected.

So, we are coming to the final book in the series. The December release of Revenge Justified will end this little literary soap opera and I shall leave Shadow Hills once again. I do not have any plans to return there—at least not in another six month season—so Revenge Justified will be putting this story to rest and the characters can move onward in their own little world until one day I might decide they deserve a two hour TV movie kind of book.

Revenge Justified book coverIn Revenge Justified Emmy Devenshaw is going up against the family who used her for their own advantage and ultimately changed her life path. Now that she’s on course she’s not willing to give up on getting revenge against her parents and the entire Devenshaw family. But with a family this powerful will her actions bring victory or death? Find out in the final Shadow Hills book, Revenge Justified.

Coming December 1st / 2nd 2013


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