Fly on the Wall Sunday: Write Me A Murder

I didn’t think I was going to make it. I had an entire year to write this book, but life plus other stories knocking at my imagination’s door kind of kept me away from it. Once I was able to really get my imagination back on track I was able to put butt in chair, fingers on keyboard, sometimes pen in hand and notebook on lap, and get this story written. It’s shorter than Blood Justice but just like Blood Justice this is a stand alone book within the series.

There is only one more book to go meaning this series will end next year just like the Men of Action series. I have a lot of new series starting next year along with new books in old series that are already going so it’s going to be busy and I hope my imagination can at least try to stay focused on stories currently going.

Write Me A Murder book coverAnyway, on to the Fly on the Wall Sunday with a through the looking glass view of Write Me A Murder: Sing Me to My Grave.

A stalker and a serial killer—how unlucky can one woman be? Jade Brighton is finding out that her boring everyday life can go from mundane to chaotic in the blink of an eye. Can Logan Granger save the woman who awakes in him passions he long ago set aside?


Mariana-Alice Walker was his first kill. She had been fun to kill. They were surrounded by her old stuffy piano in her old rose wallpapered music room. She had her old crinkly eyes looking up at him. She had been personal. Killing her had been the height of his awareness to who he was, who he was destined to become. He still remembered severing her fingers one by one. He had enjoyed that immensely. He had enjoyed hearing her muffled screams while he did it. Oh, the poor baby probably felt sad she would never play her piano again without her fingers. He had laughed at that thought. She would never play again without her life unless there was a hell and then she would probably play there. She was destined for hell if there was one. The way he saw it, he was just helping her on her way there.

She would never make him feel inferior again. She would never try to steal from him again. She would never breathe again. He had covered her cries and screams with her favorite piano classical piece shoved down her throat. He had, in theory, allowed music to sing her to her grave. She had been his first. At the age of sixteen he had learned the joy of killing. It had taken a while to perfect his craft, but now that he had he had no intention of stopping. He enjoyed it too much. He wanted it too much. Mariana-Alice had been about revenge. Now it was no longer about revenge; it was about pleasure—his pleasure. She had told him he would never be a master pianist or anything worth listening to. He had become more than her limitations. He was a master composer. His musical art was flawless, perfect in execution. What he created was a blessing and a malediction, an awakening and a silencing. No other composer had created the beauty that he could create. One murder at a time he was going to sing them all to their grave.

Sing Me to My Grave will make its appearance December 1, 2013. I’m going to be doing a giveaway on my fan page in celebration of the end of the Shadow Hills Returns series and the upcoming release of Sing Me to My Grave. Please be sure to like my Facebook Fan Page so you can be ready to enter for your chance to win. I’ll be talking more about what I’m giving away later in the week on the fan page but let’s just say I am doing something I haven’t done before.


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