Friday Dish: Serving Up Changes

There have been some changes to the blog. I’m going to bring back the City of Free Reads section so that’s definitely a page to keep a watch on because I will be posting free reads there when I can.

I also added a Sneak Peek page where I will give inside looks on books that will soon be released. In these sneak peeks there will often be a little more than the standard Fly on the Wall Sunday post.

I consolidated the Categories and Archives sections in the side menu bar so that they are now drop down menus.

The categorized postings will change and stay the same all at the same time :). The Wednesdays with the Arts section will still cover the arts, but when I’m posting the serial books in the free reads section I’ll use that week’s Wednesdays with the Arts segment to let you all know it’s up and ready for download. I’ll do the same if a sneak peek is available.

Friday Dish will be the standard Friday Dish where I’ll Dish about things going on in life or in my writing world, or any other Dish worthy news.

Grow with Words will remain the same. Fly on the Wall Sunday will remain the same. Cello Diaries will move to a once a month post.

Other things still need to be done for the blog, including updating a few sections with current information on newer books. I’m getting to that slowly, but surely. Most likely the biggest changes to those sections will come in the New Year because I have new books on the horizon for that time.

There are changes coming, but I think they’re all good because they’ll get this blog on a narrower focus which it really needs to be since I no longer have the website. I will still talk about sewing and knitting when I have projects going so if you liked my page for sewing and knitting related posts please know that those posts will still be here from time to time. I’m not currently working on any projects at this time.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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