Wednesdays with the Arts: The Art of Goal Setting

Goal setting is sometimes a difficult task. To set goals one must know what one wants. That’s the hard part–knowing what one wants. Although perhaps sometimes finding a way to get what one wants can be equally as difficult.

With my Year of Change nearing it’s end I have been thinking about goals for my next year of life. This was not an easy task to take on. Sadly, I’m still at a loss on some things. Thus far I know what I want musically. My goal for music is to get better with cello playing. I like this goal. “Better” is relative and does not equate to greatness or perfection. Better is simply just that–I want to play better than I currently play.

I have fitness and nutrition goals. I have personal development goals. What I don’t have are writing goals. I guess I need to think more about writing and try to come up with new goals. Of course I have been thinking about just this thing and really I still haven’t come up with anything so I’m not holding my breath that I’ll think of anything before my next year’s goals commence. The great thing about goals is that they can be born anytime so no matter when I figure out my writing goals I can always implement them.


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