Shadow Hills Series Order Questions Answered

Hi. I’m back. I noticed that people have been asking for the order of the Shadow Hills series so I thought I would list the order here and make it a little easier to find. Of course if you all have questions you can just ask either here on this blog or on my Facebook Fan Page and I can answer series order questions, etc., more quickly.

I want to change this blog, but I’m seriously thinking about what changing it will entail and how much I will lose if I do. So I’m thinking, but I’m not ready to make the leap yet.

Anyway…Back to the series.

Shadow Hills (the first 6 month long season) started in January.

  1. January: Fallen Hero
  2. February: No Valentine
  3. March: M is for Murder
  4. April: April Showers
  5. May: Deadly Deception
  6. June: For the Love of June

Shadow Hills Returns (the second season) is also a 6 month series, but it is not listed on the cover which month is what. So here it goes in case you all are wondering about that one too.

  1. The Cost of Love
  2. Family Ties
  3. Price of Passion
  4. Obsession’s Curse
  5. Breaking Point
  6. Revenge Justified (which comes out in December 2013)

I hope that helps for those of you who have been wondering about the Shadow Hills series order. Currently all books are available in eBook, except the December 2013 book. And the first season of Shadow Hills is still available in eBook and is also available on Lulu in one big collection.



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