Fly on the Wall Sunday: Shadow Ridge

Shadow Ridge Book Cover.Miles Vanderbilt is good at many things. First and foremost he is a champion poker player, making his fortune with the win of the ultimate hand. Secondly, he’s a small town sheriff who doesn’t let his wealth stop him from doing the job he loves—protect and serve. So when he sees the very sexy, very classy, Bethany Tillman at one of the poker matches in his town he sets out to do what he’s so good at doing—seduce and win.

Can these two find love when family and friends aren’t so sure their motives for dating each other are pure?

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“If I were thinner like those guys out there would that make a difference to you?”

She trembled as he gave her just enough space to look in her eyes. “I’ll admit you’re not really my type. I mean I like guys who workout a lot and…um…”

“Yeah, how has that worked out for you?”


“Basing your start of a relationship on appearances?”

She frowned at him. “You have to entice people to open the package. If I were three hundred pounds would you still be interested?”

He snorted. “I’ve dated bigger women, but I like them small, like you. So yeah, you’ve enticed me to want to open the package as you say. You have class. I’ve watched you all night and you definitely have class.”

He watched her nibble her bottom lip, her eyes hazed over with the makings of lust. He knew he wasn’t a male model. He was nearly a hundred pounds overweight. His belly hung over the waistband of his pants, not in a way that screamed flabby, but it was round enough and big enough to scream the markings of out of shape. His arms were more flab than muscle and he was balding in the top center of his head which is why he kept shaving the sides and back of his head daily so it wouldn’t be so noticeable. But he was confident, smart and a good man if she would give him a chance to show her. He was in okay shape he would say. He was in shape enough to do his job, keep a woman satisfied, and get up several flights of stairs without getting out of breath. He might look like he wasn’t health conscious, but he did try to take care of himself the best he could. Maybe he needed to join a gym. Maybe he needed a personal chef or a nutritionist to tell him how to make it happen, but he was okay with what he looked like and usually he could get a woman to go out with him and sometimes home with him too. Of course he hadn’t gotten a woman like this—not ever. Maybe tonight could be his night.

“Have dinner with me then—tomorrow night.”

“Um…I don’t even know you.”

“It’s a small town and I don’t know you either.”

“I live in Freeport. We just came here because Kelly thought it could be fun for the night.”

“Then I’ll come to Freeport to have dinner with you. It’s only an hour drive.” He leaned in closer and whispered in her ear. “Try me. It’s like hugging a big teddy bear. I won’t bite—unless you want me to.” He heard her audible sharp intake of breath. “Try me,” he said one more time.

“I don’t even know your name.”

“Miles,” he whispered before letting his breath fan across her neck. He was so close he wanted to kiss her, taste her, but he held back. “Miles Vanderbilt.”

“You don’t know my name either.”

“I know what I need to know, but yeah, it would be nice if you told me your name, beautiful.”

“Bethany Tillman,” she nearly whispered breathlessly.

He let his breath fan over her ear this time. “Well Bethany Tillman, try me.”


Whoa! She had just said yes. He was working hard to get her but a part of him thought she might say no. A part of him was almost certain he was going to need to step back this time and let her pass, but she had just given him an affirmative answer. He reminded himself to put his head back in the present instead of being shocked at her response. He couldn’t mess it up now.

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Shadow Ridge Book Cover.


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