Wednesdays with the Arts: Indie Life—Imagine the Music

indielife7It’s the second Wednesday again and you probably know what that means—Indie Life Blog Hop. What I like about this hop is that I get to find other Indie authors. Having the courage to go it alone and still put dreams and words and thoughts out there is amazing and liberating.

I started publishing my own works years ago, but at the time I was also actively publishing with digital publishing companies and off line magazines as well. Indie publishing isn’t so new to me on that level. However, going into the realm of Amazon and B&N was new for me. It took me a while to decide to even branch into Amazon. Ironically I have bought things via that site (my college textbooks for sure) and still I wasn’t sure I trusted them. Perhaps I still don’t trust them, but I took a leap into exploration.

Now that people have found me and read my work I get some questions often but one of the ones I get the most is about what I listen to while I write.

My answer is this; I don’t listen to music while I write. I love music too much for that. Whenever I have music going my mind tends to focus on the music. Either I’m studying the time signature and trying to pick out which notes are quarter notes and eighth notes, etc., or I’m listening to the emotion in the music. That really takes my mind away from whatever story I would be writing at the time so I don’t mix writing and music together on that level.

Music can sometimes inspire a scene in a book for me. Sometimes that’s because while I’m getting lost in the magic of the piece one of those lovely movies will play in my head and I’ll see a scene that fits the emotion I feel while listening to the music.

The Sixth Sentinel electronic coverThe Sixth Sentinel has a scene that I knew would be in there, but it definitely had a song behind the emotion of the scene. The part where Xylia is on her way back from seeing the Secret Keeper, and she’s attacked. That entire scene with my bad guy whipping up the cloud of fog and smoke that masks him and exposes her to danger  was the scene where I had Why Do We Fall—the extended version on YouTube, in my head. It’s also fitting because sometimes the character has to fall in order to be born into the strength they were meant to have.

While that song definitely fits the feeling of the scene, I did not listen to it while writing because music has the ability to completely consume my thoughts and if that happens I know I won’t get any words put on the paper, or typed for the e-file.

Now music while editing does sometimes happen. Sometimes that’s a good thing because it helps me get through the third and fourth round of edits. Sometimes that’s a bad thing because I stop editing so I can imagine the music. And sometimes it sparks an idea for an entirely new story.

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