Fly on the Wall Sunday: On the Line

When people start wishing you a peaceful trip in a foreign language and you’re not going anywhere that is when you should worry. Ariana didn’t quite connect the dots but when she finds herself being held prisoner in a foreign country she knows she’s in far more trouble than she’s able to handle. Lucky for her, her ex-husband is hold up in the same cell. They just might survive, provided they don’t kill each other first.

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“Where are we?”

“Egypt I think. At least that’s where I was before I ended up in here.”

She nodded. “This is bad isn’t it?”

“You could say that,” he said dryly. “Does anybody know you’re missing—that is do you think anybody knows you’re missing?”

“Zahara should. She was supposed to come to my dressing room. And if I’m in Egypt I would guess everybody else should know by now too. I have to admit they did it the smart way. Everybody would have been so busy with the show, getting ready for their dances, that it would have been a while before anybody noticed I wasn’t there. Not that I go off the radar often, but you know it’s just so busy and chaotic that I think it would have been long enough for them to leave unnoticed.”

“Then for your sake and mine I hope this Zahara noticed you were gone sooner rather than later.”

“Me too. But why would it matter for you if she noticed?”

“She would have reported it. It would have made the news and I’m hoping my guys would have seen it and put my missed check in with my missing ex-wife together and know to come find me. Of course I’d much rather get myself out of here instead of waiting for rescue. What day is it?”

“It was Friday when they took me. I don’t know, maybe Saturday by now.”

“Can you see out that window there?”

“I’ll try,” she said as she got to her feet and went to the set of bars, lifting on tiptoe enough to look out. “Desert,” she said. “That’s all I see is sand and nothingness.”

“Egypt,” they both agreed simultaneously. She came back to sit beside him.

“How are your legs feeling?”

He shrugged. “They’ll be fine. I have been moving them as much as I can.”

She nodded before kneeling beside him. She went to touch him and for some reason he pulled away. “I’m just trying to help,” she said softly and he reminded himself to relax—if that were at all possible. She started to slowly massage one leg, starting at his ankle and working her way up to his thigh. She spent a good deal of time on that one before moving to the other. She always did have the magic touch that could both relax and arouse him and right now was no different. He was shackled to a wall and all he could think about was how good her hands would feel if they went just a little farther in a north eastwardly direction.

“This is so not good,” she mumbled. “I don’t even have my passport.”

“Seriously?” He looked at her. Was she seriously worried about the fact that she had left the country—unwillingly actually—without her passport?

She stopped what she was doing to look in his eyes. “How am I supposed to get back into the country without my passport?”

He growled low. “When we get out of here you can believe me when I tell you that we’re going to be getting back in the U.S. with or without passports. We’ll fly back in under the radar if we have to.”

“You’re taking me with you?”

“Did you doubt that I would, Ariana?”

She looked at him briefly before turning her attention back to the massage she was giving him. “No,” she admitted. “I didn’t think you would leave me here.”

“Good. Just because you left me doesn’t mean I would abandon you.”

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