Friday Dish: A Week Like Any Other Week

It has been the usual week, mostly anyway. There’s work, work, more work :). I am hoping to do something a little different this weekend, but mostly that will be more work. Such an exciting life I live ;).

The Dream Stalker, one of my older books, was on sale this week on Amazon. It’s still on sale for a short time, but the discount is not as deep as the first day. The Dream Stalker is the follow up to Dream Walker.

About The Dream Stalker

The Dream Stalker book cover.There’s another dream walker out there, one who is more powerful than Warren. He kills without mercy, stalking the dreams of women and then killing them while they sleep. Five women have already died and the cops are baffled with the case. Warren, a dream walker himself, knows it’s the work of something sinister, something no officer is ready to face, let alone believe.

When Warren’s nemesis sets out to take everything away from him, including the woman he loves, can Warren recapture his heritage in time to save her? Or will a powerful dream stalker destroy his family, piece by piece?

The Dream Stalker is available on Amazon along with the first book, Dream Walker. Both books are older and different from my writing now, but they’re still available so…Anyway, outside of working and running errands and cello there hasn’t been much else going on that I can talk about. I hope you all have had a good week and that Friday will be kind to you, along with every other day :).

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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