Cello Diaries: Frustration Unlimited

It seems like just when I think I might be getting this thing called cello something else happens to let me know that I’m not.

The past couple weeks have been going okay…kind of…and I finished practice happy with my session more days than not. And then it happened; that next step in the study book that half my brain screamed “just do it,” but the other half said, “yeah right, that’s not going to happen.”

To be fair, it was time to move forward. Shifting was going so well it felt natural, and staying in my comfort zone won’t get me anywhere beyond my comfort zone. Avoiding progression will not get me to playing the music I want to play. So, sometimes, sadly, I must force myself out of the zone of comfort and move on to uncharted waters.

It really didn’t look that bad. I mean it’s not like I haven’t done this before. But then I realized that while I have done shifting to harmonics I don’t think I actually focused on fourth extended. Yes, I study out of order sometimes, but in this case that out of order shift is all on my book because it took me there out of order.

‘I totally have this,’ is what I figured I should be thinking. And then I tried to hit fourth extended on the D string. Yes, pinkie finger decided it didn’t want to hit it twice…it barely wanted to hit it once. Seriously, I’m starting to think my cello hates me. 😉

Today is another day, another practice and another shot at frustration, but also another shot at getting it right. I am so going to get this one day…I think.


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