Wednesdays with the Arts: Finding Inspiration with Goal Setting

The faster you fail, the sooner you will succeed. We can’t avoid setbacks, only accept them and move on.” – Maria Kang.

My first thought was of how much I needed this right now. Perhaps my failure is life’s way of showing me I’m on the wrong path, and that I am meant to be somewhere else. Or maybe I’m on the right path, but at the wrong time. So I’m going to try to look at my failures, encompassing nearly half of the alphabets in plan A-? and realize that failing in multiple things does not mean I will fail in everything. It just means I have to accept the failure, look at the wall ahead of me and start to climb again. Maybe there is something greater in my destiny than the path I currently seek. Maybe failure will eventually make me strong enough to take the journey that’s meant for me.

When going through life inspiration can be found anywhere, sometimes in things that have nothing to do with what a person needs inspiration for. So with my Year of Change coming to a close soon, and next year’s goal setting needing finalization I am hoping this inspiration will give me guidance to know what path I am going to try to explore in this next year. Walking it, climbing it, crawling through mud for it—I just hope that I can look back on the reasons I set these goals and be inspired to forge ahead no matter how difficult the journey might become.


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