Fly on the Wall Sunday: Breaking Point

The newest book in the Shadow Hills Returns series is finally here. There’s only one more left to go. Today I’m giving you a Fly on the Wall look at Breaking Point.

Shadow Hills Returns Breaking Point


“My life, her life, it’s not theirs to control anymore. I’m yours, Storm; if you want me.”

Emmie Devenshaw is taking control and in Breaking Point we’re going to find out just how dangerous this woman can be. She’s willing to sacrifice herself to save her sister, and Storm is willing to move heaven and hell to save her. Don’t miss the last two books in this six month long series.

Available on: Amazon and Barnes and Noble



“I wondered how you got that bruise,” Storm pointed to her right arm. She had a lot more bruises than that.

“I had to get Darcy’s porcelain doll collection over to someplace safe.”

“You moved that trunk by yourself?”

Emmie frowned. “Yeah, it was heavier than I thought it would be. Getting that trunk up on the back of Kevin’s truck without damaging his truck meant banging up my body. Emmie Devenshaw and manual heavy lifting labor were not meant to go together,” she shook her head as she frowned just thinking about all the times she badgered her body during the process of moving things.

“I couldn’t get everything, but I think I got some of the most important things for you.”

“What about your stuff?”

“I moved some things I thought you might like. But, Darcy I wasn’t really planning on completely making it out of this. Your stuff just seemed to be the bigger issue.”

She saw the tears cascading down Darcy’s cheeks. They had spent too many years at odds with each other—it was a waste of time, of years where they could have been friends instead of enemies. She loved this girl and she was determined to make sure she gave her a better life than what the Devenshaw family would ever allow for her.

“We’re going to get your stuff,” Storm nearly growled. “We’ll use my truck. Grab whatever you need and you’ll come here to stay with me.”

She wanted to tell him no. She wanted to be independent and be better than what her parents had always told her she would be, but she did need his help. “Thanks, Storm.” She smiled a weak and crooked smile at him. Her heart was too heavy with worry to flash him a real smile. She hadn’t planned on drawing anybody else into her battle. She hadn’t planned on risking anybody else—just herself. But now they were all rallying around her. Part of that made her happy because nobody had ever done that for her before, but part of it made her afraid because she knew bad things could come to all of them and she didn’t want that.

“I’ll come help.” Darcy was ready to pack up the entire house just to get back at her parents and Emmie knew that.

“Nah, you stay here and play with the horses you seem to love so much. Darcy and manual labor seem to like each other just fine.” She tugged on a section of Darcy’s loose hair. She had it half up in a ponytail-like bun and half down. “Happy birthday, kid.”

Shadow Hills Returns: Breaking Point ~ Out Now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for Kindle and Nook.



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