Friday Dish: November is Here

November is here. Are you all happy for the start of a new month? A new month and a new day means there are no mistakes in either–yet.

I’m excited, and not so excited, for my end of year. Yes, my Year of Change is nearing it’s completion. Looking back I realize that things I wanted to change didn’t change. Things I wanted to make stronger fell apart. And I am more confused now on some things than I was when I ventured on this journey to better my future by securing my present. Life is hard to figure out sometimes…okay, most times.

So with a near miserable year behind me why am I looking forward to another year? Good question. I’m not sure. I know people who say every day above ground is a good day but there are days when I cannot share that sentiment. It’s not a good day, it’s just a day like all the others full of struggles and hardships, tears and sometimes laughter. But when I think about it every tear shed is worth learning from…even if I can’t figure out what I’m learning at the time.

So this year thus far, as I stated, has been mixed. There has been more bad than good and more loss than gain personally and professionally. On the other end of that, I learned a little more about me. I started trying to be more positive for me and I think that really helped with my cello playing. Okay, maybe my playing is still the same as it was while I was negative, but now I can hear the difference and I can tell that I’m doing okay. With time, and practice, I believe I can get much better than where I am. An outlook can make a big difference. Now I leave practice happy more days than not.

I still struggle with looking at the bright side of things for myself. I’m a realist and realistically I see where I want to be as opposed to where I am not even close to being. I’m trying to change that because that kind of thinking can only hold me back.

I’m still working on finalizing my list for my “next year’s” goals. Judging from how things went with this year’s goals I’m wondering if I should maybe not make a list. Maybe I jinked everything by writing it down. Hmm? I don’t know.

Before I go I do want to do a bit of shameless self promotion :). Book 5, Shadow Hills Returns: Breaking Point, is newly available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. There is only one more book to go in the 6 month long series. Please get your copy and catch up on the residents in Shadow Hills. Emmie has a mission that could either set her and her sister free or end her life.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place. Happy November you all :).

Shadow Hills Returns Breaking Point


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