Cello Diaries: The Shifting Connection

I abandoned Bach. I figured since I’m still having difficulty with one of the other songs I’m trying to learn that I didn’t want to take on two songs that will drive me crazy at the same time. Not that Bach is that bad, it’s just that it should be better than what I can play it right now. So I took a step back to something I was working on a while ago, the 1812.

Since my initial journey with this song I have learned new things and improved in areas. I really do feel as if I am ready for this arrangement. It’s not super difficult as in there isn’t any positional shifting to worry with. However, I’m still too slow on this song.  I have really only been back at it for two practice sessions now. It sounds pretty good slow, but it will take work to get it up to speed…if I can get it up to speed.

In addition to working on the two songs I am still focusing on positional shifting. I have ventured back into book 3 of my cello study books. I was there and then I had to take time away from cello so when I started back with consistent practice I decided to back track to book 2 and start over. I don’t regret that decision because I think it was a good refresher for me. I have been back in book 3 for the greater part of my practice week.

One thing I notice is that on the four parts I’m working on I keep messing up on the last half of the piece. I wonder why…well, no I don’t. The last half looks the same on all of them except there are different notes being played. I’m lacking on the technique in that part for shifting so my next practice session will start from the end and work my way back. This way my focus will be on the parts that are more difficult for me to play accurately.

My focus is currently on the two songs and my shifting connections. Here’s hoping this next week will bring with it much improvement on the difficult parts.


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