Friday Dish: The Art of Healthy Eating

I’m a relatively healthy eater. I say relatively because I do like to bake and while I can find ways to make cookies healthier I don’t think there’s a definite way to make them completely healthy. Still, I don’t bake every day or every week and sometimes not even every month.

I try my best to eat as healthy as I can without completely depriving myself of foods that I like. I find that completely cutting things out is the fastest way to hate getting healthy. I’m more of a have a piece of cake, not the entire cake, kind of person. Don’t have it every day and most definitely have it in moderation.

Sweets are not the only problem for healthy eating. I try to make sure the foods I cook are healthy too. I bake, grill or broil instead of frying my food. Now I must admit I think that started, not because it was healthier, but because when I was working outside the home I had those moments when I came home from work and was too tired to stand over the stove and cook. It’s so easy to get it prepped, put it in the oven and do other things while it bakes. But I developed a taste for baked foods and now I can’t handle fried foods at all. There’s too much oil and it makes me sick.

I stopped eating beef and pork nearly two decades ago for no reason other than I wanted to stop eating it. Within the past month or so I decided to drop chicken and turkey as well. So that poses a new problem for me in that I am not a vegetarian. I am not sure I know how to be one. I love making my ice cream, I hate soy milk, sometimes I like cheese, and I do bake using eggs. So no, I won’t ever be a full vegan because true vegetarians don’t consume animal product of any kind.

Where is my problem? I have to find dishes that will replace the ones I won’t have. I’m also not a fan of fish, but that’s staying on the menu for now. I hate fish really—it stinks and it taste really fishy ;). I also hate beans. Plus there are things I can’t eat due to allergies. So if I only ate the things I liked and the things that didn’t make me sick I think I risk lacking needed nutrients.  I’m going to have to research and try to create new dishes that will be edible. Eating healthy seems to be part art, part science, requiring creativity and knowledge to pull it all together into delectably edible dishes.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.



  1. I have a lot of balanced, healthy vegetarian dishes on my blog that you might enjoy. There are still plenty of options for vegetarians!! Do you like lentils? Definitely a superfood in terms of protein and complex carbs and it is a great meat substitute.

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