Wednesdays with the Arts: Indie Life Blog Hop—Move it or Lose it


Forged in Fire_Capri MontgomeryWriting really isn’t that much different by way of physical work than sitting in a chair in a corporate office. Writing, just like working in an office, requires a lot of time sitting and working on a computer. It’s important to keep the body healthy and happy. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to get up and move or even to give the eyes a rest from the computer for a little while.

Writing or making covers  both require sitting in front of the computer for hours and sometimes taking a break just isn’t on my mind.

writing picture

Let’s talk physical exercise. I love to workout so it isn’t hard for me to get up and get moving. When I get out of bed in the morning I handle morning particulars and then I workout. I do cardio just in case it rains and I can’t go for my walk when the sun starts to kiss the sky, or just in case my workout partner ditches me and I don’t want to go out there alone. After cardio (and sometimes before) I do toning exercises.

Some of my most fun toning exercises to do can be found on YouTube.

Tone It Up ~ There are so many videos here that I’m able to mix it up whenever I want while still incorporating the workouts that feel great and make me sweat. I particularly like the Sandcastle workout. This simple toning workout has me sweating it out and feeling the burn. I loved it. The Bridal Babe workout is fun too.

VSX  ~ The Victoria Secrets Sports page has workouts in their video section. I stumbled upon them on Facebook when they were getting ready to start the TLA (Train Like an Angel) series. The entire series is good, and you can pick and choose which ones you do.

get up get moving

Beyond YouTube and Internet workouts, I like Pilates and yoga. I have a few videos, but I have been doing both long enough to know some of the moves without needing the video. So I get to put on my music and do each move instead of having to watch the video and that makes it more fun for me.

I think starting the morning with a good workout definitely helps me throughout my day. Physical activity is good for the body, but it also helps me prepare for my day of mostly sitting. The Tone It Up page has some moves you can do while sitting at the office so those are good too.

Remember to get up throughout the day to get water, walk around the room or go for a short walk outside. Some writers (me included) have a tendency not to really take a break. When the story is hot in my mind I don’t want to stop, but I realize I’m not doing my body any favors by pushing it to the max without giving it a break.

Check out the rest of the hop to see what the others are blogging about by clicking the picture below.




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