Friday Dish ~ Friends are Important

Now this is not an advocacy for dropping your friends by the way so please keep your shorts from getting in a wad.

My parents always told us that the people you surround yourself with will impact the person you are. You cannot pull people up to your level but they can pull you down to theirs. So if you surround yourself with drug users as friends it’s likely that you’ll eventually follow their path instead of them following yours. I think there is definite truth to that.

How does this relate to healthy eating and healthy living? In a lot of ways it’s about the people you surround yourself with. It’s kind of like going out to eat with friends who can’t stop pushing unhealthy food options. You have to be strong to stick to what you want.

I equate people who can’t take no for an answer to drug dealers on a legal scale. Just like people who are trying to get a person to take drugs they don’t stop pushing. I really don’t like being around people like that because to me it shows how much they disrespect me. I’m not two. I don’t need them to pick my food out for me so when I say no I don’t want that candy bar, I mean no. No does not mean if you keep shoving it in my face I’ll eventually say yes. Asking me if I want something once is one thing. Asking me repeatedly as if I’m going to change my mind since the three seconds ago that they just asked the same question is really just annoying.

Sometimes you have to really be strong because you can’t cut people out of your life over something like food…at least I hope you can’t anyway. But sometimes you just have to learn to say “no, I can’t go out with you this time.” Sometimes giving yourself distance on the going out to eat thing can help you stick with your goals of being healthy. If saying no to going out isn’t an option then you’ll have to learn how to find foods on the menu that will help you stick with your live healthy goals.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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