Grow with Words

kerfuffle ~ chiefly British : disturbance or fuss.

Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Yes, kerfuffle and damsel probably go hand in hand because where there is a damsel there is always a kerfuffle ;).

Continuing on with my take on the damsel, the hero, and romance I would say that it’s a nice escape from reality. But a person really has to have a firm grip on reality. After all, once one finishes reading the book they must forsake the fictional world and return to the real world.

I wouldn’t say I’m the unromantic romance writer, but I would say I’m a realist. There isn’t anybody in this world who is perfect. Guys don’t have the perfect answer for every situation. Some aren’t really into that whole put life on line for somebody else thing either. Such is life. Romance books (and other fiction books) are not real life.

I do think sometimes that fiction can mirror reality on some level. I mean we all can love, find love, fall in love. We all have that ability provided our heart and our mind is open to love. Situations that occur in fictional books do sometimes occur in reality, just maybe not on the same spectrum. Okay, I say sometimes because I have yet to see gargoyles turning into humans (shifter books) and dragons flying across the sky breathing fire, but you know just because I haven’t seen it I suppose it doesn’t mean it can’t happen one day. But for now we’ll just lump that into the world of fiction only.

From my stand point I know there are some things I can help myself with, but when I need help, you know, strange guy beating me up kind of thing, it would be great if there was a knight, or kick butt woman for that matter, to come help. I think it’s rare to find that in real life–that person who is willing to help. I read the news far too often and what I see are people who could have helped, picked up the phone and dialed 9-1-1 yet they didn’t do anything.

But you know the great thing about writing is that I get to explore worlds one book at a time. And in my world I get to have a knight…but not in shining armor—gosh that stuff looks so uncomfortable ;).

See you all tomorrow. Try not to cause a kerfuffle in the mean time ;).


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