The Damsel, She Is In Distress – Part Two

“I am the man who will fight for your honor. I’ll be the hero you’ve been dreaming of.” ~ Peter Cetera – Glory of Love

Hero or KnightYesterday I told you about my feelings on the damsel in distress. You might remember the bobble headed idiot issue. Depending on the character and the writer sometimes the damsel takes on a completely not so attractive view. But that is not always the case. Sometimes having a damsel in distress gives the guy a chance to step up to the plate and be the protector, the hero, the knight.

When my ladies find themselves needing a hero I like to have a good guy ready to be that hero.

Picking a favorite character isn’t really something I can do. I like them all for one reason or another. However, picking one character to focus on today I would have to pick Cash Phillips—my reluctant hero.

Serenity PointCash Phillips from Serenity Point was one that I kind of fell in serious like with. Yeah, we can talk about the psychology of falling in like with a character from my own imagination some other time ;).

Cash loses his wife. He is a cop and she gets killed right in front of him. A man can lose himself when something like that happens and Cash most definitely loses himself. He gives up his badge and moves trying to escape the pain of the memories being in his home brings with it.

There’s really no escaping anything like that. When he moves in next door to a woman who is a stark reminder of his dead wife he tries everything to make sure she hates him. All the while, Cash the reluctant hero, steps up to the plate and tries to be her hero. From helping her go pick up her niece from school, to trying to keep her alive when a crazy killer targets her, he’s a man who won’t be stopped. This time he’s determined not to watch another woman die.

Just like a knight in shining armor
From a long time ago
Just in time I will save the day
Take you to my castle far away

Peter Cetera ~ Glory of Love

Other protective types who have won my admiration while writing would be Blain Ashworth from Redemption, Thomas McGregor in Secrets and Lies, and even Drake Daniels from The Geneva Project.  Jet Jackson from On Thin Ice really surprised me and I totally loved the love he and Akira have for each other.

I like guy saves girl kind of books just so long as the women are a little feisty and a lot smart.

Friday I’ll be doing a little bit of updating on Cello Diaries. Since I got rid of the Website I’m going to have to spend more time talking about writing here. I’ll try to cut down on the two part blog postings so I won’t go into Thursday’s Cello Diaries too often.


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