Does Size Really Matter? Part 2

Does Size Matter Photograph

Wednesdays with the Arts this week was about romance writing, double standards and body hypocrisy. Today I’m continuing with Does Size Really Matter? Part 2.

As I have said, I like diversity in books. The world is not one way or another. There is a mix of people on this planet and there is a vast diversity in personality, strengths, weaknesses, and yes, body types. So I’ll read a story no matter the size of the leading lady if the story blurb pulls me in and makes me want to read it. But what I hate, absolutely hate, is when I’m reading a story and the leading lady goes off on an ad nauseam tangent about how the leading man can’t love her because she’s skinny and her breasts are small, or she’s fat and her thighs are too big. It’s like, seriously? The man is all but falling over his feet, cutting out his heart and selling his soul to the Devil just to get you to notice him and you think that equates to him not liking you.

Yeah, that wishy-washy weakness really gets on my nerves. I can see a moment or two of doubt because if you’re insecure in yourself it’s easy to ignore why other people may love you for who you are and have no problem with what you look like. However, an entire book of back and forth even after the two characters have gone to bed with each other multiple times is just crazy.

Sometimes, when I read a story like that I think the author is working through her own insecurities and using the character to deal with it. But that’s just me thinking that. The author might just be trying to play up the drama.

Loved No Matter What PhotographWhat I don’t get is why, in books with larger ladies, do the leading women always feel as if they’re not worth loving because of their weight? Granted we are a visual society and the outer wrapping has to entice us to want to open the package and get to know a person, but in a lot of these stories the leading men really are interested either because they already knew the person, or because they like the package they see and they want to know more.

Whenever I read a blurb and the selling points are “curvy woman,” followed by if the “hot man” can love her I worry that I’m going to get a book, start reading, and in the first ten chapters of the book on every page all I’m going to get is “he can’t love me because I’m too big,” or “I’m not a size two why does he want me,” type writing.

Sometimes I just wish in these books the leading lady could say, “yeah, I’m bigger/smaller, but I’m smart, have a good heart and he would be pretty darn lucky if he could win my heart.”  I guess I just wish there were more books with strong women who could love themselves as much as the leading man loves them already.

Part 3 is coming up tomorrow. Come back and see what I think of size.


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