Quick Dress Update

I would have done this in Wednesdays with the Arts, but this Wednesday is the Indie Life blog hop and then Friday is another blog hop so I have to write about writing on those days. Anyway, here is the finished dress. Those were a lot of gems to sew on but I am done. I just wish my mother had given me the tip sooner because I was sewing on gem by gem and cutting the thread and starting over with the next one. It never occurred to me to just work the thread along the seam (not taking the thread all the way through the fabric so it wouldn’t show on the other side) to get to the next spot for the gem. Then she showed me and it was like, “oh, yeah, that makes more sense than what I’m doing.” Yeah, I was on the last part of the row before the last row of gems. And to bring that into perspective, I did the front of the dress last.

I need a break so I’m going to take one from all wearable arts projects for a little while…or until I feel the need to sew or knit strike me that is. Have a great Tuesday you all.


This is the back of the dress with the train. I like trains and seem to love making dresses with them…hence all the formal dresses with trains. I know, I have to stop doing that.Homemade Formal Dress Back




Formal Dress FrontThis is the front of the dress.











Another shot of the front, different angle. The lighting makes it look darker, but it’s actually lighter like  a mix of the the first shot of the front and a little of this one, but definitely lighter than what you see below.




  1. Very nicely done Capri! I can appreciate putting on the gems and how tedious the task can be. Been there done that. I have used fabric glue which works well but it still requires a lot of work. Congrats on finishing!


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