Fly on the Wall Sunday: Betrayal of the Dove

Betrayal of the Dove (Men of Action Series) ~ As a favor to a friend, Shane Maxwell, retired Navy SEAL, is taking on a security position at an upscale Scottsdale boutique. He’s all business until he comes face to face with Alyssa McGregor, the beautiful store owner in need of his help. He’s there to make sure the robber terrorizing the Row doesn’t make her store the next stop, but when the demons from his past come for him, will Alyssa end up being another casualty of war?

Betrayal of the Dove



At first, she thought Berry was just cheating on her with some tall, leggy, completely gorgeous raven haired goddess, but then she saw the ring on her finger, and the look in the receptionist’s eyes as if she knew exactly what was going on, and Alyssa knew he wasn’t cheating on her, he was cheating on his wife with her. The look on his face had been one of surprise as well, but also silent pleading that she would keep her mouth shut. She couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe because not only were all of the plans and dreams they had made falling apart in front of her eyes, but she was that woman, the one she never wanted to be. She was the other woman, the one who slept with somebody else’s husband—and she didn’t even know it.

“She’s a client,” he had told his wife. “I forgot I had an appointment. This shouldn’t take too long I’ll still be home on time for dinner,” he had smiled at his wife so innocently, and sweetly. And Alyssa, instead of just saying, “hey, that’s not what you said while you’ve been in and out of my bed for the past year,” she played along. Her heart was breaking; her world was falling apart and she didn’t feel the need to rip somebody else’s apart with hers. Or more like she still couldn’t speak.

His wife left, the receptionist stayed where she was, as if getting ready for the show of a lifetime. Maybe he had done this before. Maybe he had done it with her. Or maybe, Alyssa had thought, maybe she was the only one in the dark—she and the wife that is.

“You’re married?” She had finally found her voice.

“Let’s do this in my office,” he had tried to take her arm in his hand and she had quickly stepped out of reach.

“Don’t see how we can have a December wedding when you’re already married, Berry.”

Betrayal of the Dove is Available now as part of the Men of Action series on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  This book can be read alone, but if you want to get to know the entire family and group of friends then check out the other books in the series too.


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