Wednesdays with the Arts: Making Music with a Broken Machine

The washing machine broke–with my clothes in it by the way. Well the machine is a strange one as all the lights will come on, but the machine will not start and the door is not so willing to open. So my sheets are trapped in the machine. That’s my only set of sheets don’t you know. I pull them off, I wash, I put them back on the bed. Definitely saves the struggle of trying to fold the fitted sheet at least.

So of course I tried to get my mother to help me fix the machine so I could wash. That didn’t work at all, but since all the lights came on I thought what if I just press the buttons until it decides to work. Well it didn’t decide to work, but those buttons surely do make music when pressed in the right series. I had fun pressing buttons and making music while my mother was inside looking for something to try to fix the machine. When she came out I was laughing, pressing buttons and kind of shaking my bottom as I did it. I stopped, of course, when she did return. A broken washing machine (that’s not even 3 years old by the way–no more Whirlpool machines for us) is not a laughing matter and I know that fact which is why I wasn’t laughing because the machine is broken…or the fact that it has yet to relinquish my clothes.

We had to get a new machine, but they can’t deliver it for another couple weeks. We are without washing machine which means some things will be hand washed while other big items will have to wait in a pile for a couple weeks…oh joy :(. But hey, until they come cart the old machine away at least I can go make music with the broken machine.

In other art related news I’m going to shamelessly promote my new book by saying The Funeral Planner is available on Amazon, Lulu and Barnes & Noble now.

Until next time, have a wonderful Wednesday :).


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