Wednesdays with the Arts: The Waffle That Wasn’t

I don’t always make food I like. I typically make it for other people and it’s important to me that they like it and can eat it. So when I try new things it’s never about will I or won’t I like it because I probably won’t. I’m a picky eater. A lot of things make me sick, so even if I cook it that doesn’t mean I will be brave enough to try it. And when I do try it, that doesn’t mean I’ll like it. But by God when it’s a waffle it really shouldn’t be all that difficult to like it. In comes the waffle that wasn’t. That was the nastiest, most inedible thing I have ever put on a plate. Seriously, I can’t even remember making anything that awful as a kid.

The problem: I tried an old recipe, but I used the substitute of wheat flour instead of all purpose flour. The recipe suggested as much so I thought I would try it. OMG, gross! I couldn’t even finish chewing the first bite. I had to run for the paper towels so I could spit it out like a lady. Mom and I both agreed to never switch the All-Purpose flour out for wheat flour on that recipe again.

Kitchen Adventure lesson learned: Never use wheat flour ever again unless I’m making wheat bread.


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