Cello Diaries: I’m Giving It All Up for Cello; Why My Mom Said Okay

Music is my greatest passion and I’m sure of that. While I have written books that have sent me through a range of emotions, like When the Heart Breaks definitely had me laughing and crying, and on rare occasions I have read books that have done the same, music is the only art that has the ability to completely consume me in a plethora of emotions. Depending on when I hear a song it can make me smile, reminisce, dream and sometimes even cry. So when I told my mother that I’m giving everything up for cello she said, and I quote, “okay.”

She didn’t say, don’t do it. She didn’t say, are you sure? She didn’t try to discourage me at all. I told her I was going to let everybody know that she said it was okay for me to do so. She reminded me that she did not say that. I reminded her that as her daughter it is my responsibility to decipher her words and she said okay therefore she said it was okay for me to do such a thing.

She assured me that she doesn’t think anybody has the right to tell anybody else how to live their life. I agree with her there. My life, my choice. But I also assured her the only reason she said “okay” was because she knew I wasn’t serious. She agreed with me on that.

I wasn’t serious. I’m not giving everything up for cello, but if I were a better cellist, if I thought I could make it work, I would give it all up for cello, for music, to be a cellist. But alas, I’m still far away from any of my cello goals. I have a long way to go. Maybe when I’m eighty I’ll be able to give it all up, go into a recording studio and put my music out there, but now is not that time. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever get there. I’m getting old. I started late. And while I am a strong believer (for everybody else anyway) that it’s never too late until you’re dead, I am at an age in my life when I wonder if the musical dreams I have will ever be a reality. I hope so, but I don’t know.



  1. Capri,
    You are never to old to do something you love. I’m stunned and amazed that you are taking such a life changing step. Knowing you, you have thought it through and feel this is the right decision for you. 🙂
    I expect to see and hear some of your music in the very future.

    Never give up on yourself. Believe in you and it will happen. Best of luck my friend.


    • Oh well I can’t give everything up yet. I wish. I would love to spend all my time with cello but I do still have to eat so other work must prevail. Thanks for the vote of confidence. :).

  2. you are fortunate to have a mother who supports your plans, hyperbolic or even long-term.

    You can dedicate quite a chunk of your life to the cello, without complete sacrifice if you wished to, it’ll always be there for you.

    best of luck in your cello studies and endeavors.

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