Wednesdays with the Arts: There’s More to Indie Life than Writing


Writing is clearly a big part of my day because this is my career so I have to work and focus and continuously write, but there is more to being an Indie than just writing. Of course you probably already know the usual things like editing and marketing. Yeah, you’re responsible for that. Even if you hire an editor you should still proof and edit your own work as well. For marketing, sometimes you have to think outside the box, try new things and see what works. You never really know unless you try.

One of my new things happened this month. I did my first radio interview. Yeah, me, on the radio. I had fun. I was on The FYI on the 411 live on Tuesday and that was rebroadcast that Sunday on I talked writing and books and where I see myself going in my future of writing. That’s a hard question to answer because I do not have insight into the future. I know mostly that I want to grow my writing career, increase sells so I can keep doing what I love to do, but I do have other goals outside of writing that I very much hope to see come into the realm of reality. I’m working hard on meeting those goals while still trying to keep my writing career moving forward. It’s not easy, but I realize if I really want something sometimes I have to work really hard for it so I keep working toward all of my goals. One day I’ll get to know where all this hard work is going to lead me.

So what’s next on in my adventures of indie life? Well I’m being featured in September in the Café au Lait Book Club on Facebook so I got my interview back in for that and will be ready to participate and answer questions if people have any. I also have a new book coming out next month called The Funeral Planner, so I am considering doing a giveaway. I’m not sure. There really wasn’t a turn out for the last giveaway and so I shall have to see if trying to get another one together will really be worth the time and energy that goes into it.

This book has three covers–2 for the print version (front and back covers) and 1 for the e-book version. Here’s a look at the e-book cover.

The Funeral Planner e-book cover.

This month saw the release of another Shadow Hills Returns book and Hiking for Danger from the Men of Action series.

Shadow Hills Returns: Family Ties cover


In Shadow Hills Returns: Family Ties Emmie and Darcy made their way back to Shadow Hills. These two had become enemies before they went to prison–the female version of Cain and Able. But post prison they are allies and ready to seek revenge on the town that betrayed them…or are they? You’ll have to come to Shadow Hills to find out.

Men of Action series book, Hiking for Danger cover.

And in Hiking for Danger, Sahara Daniels isn’t an adventurer like the rest of her family. To try to fit in with them she books what she believes is a four hour hiking trip only to find out it’s a four day trip. She’s ill prepared and definitely not excited to start the hike, but with no way to return to the base camp she doesn’t have a choice. One injury and a set of hunters who have decided they would rather hunt humans than animals turns this great adventure into a deadly misadventure. Can the man leading the hike, Cody Donovan, get everybody down the mountain alive? With the help of his hiking partner they just might make it…provided they can keep the group from falling apart and turning on each other.

Both Shadow Hills Returns: Family Ties and Hiking for Danger are available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Hiking for Danger is also in print via Lulu. Now that I’ve updated you on what’s going on here. Don’t forget to go check out the other blogs in the Indie Life hop.



  1. I loved both of these book and can,t wait for THE FUNERAL PLANNER which I know will be awesome. I need to do a reveiw for both which I will do today just been so sick that haven’t had the energy to do more than take my Allergy meds. Good luck on new release and just consider this one brought also.

    • Sorry to know that you’re sick :(. I know that feeling of no energy left because of not feeling well. Just take care of you and get better. And thanks for the wishes for luck on the new release. :).

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