Fly on the Wall Sunday: Hiking for Danger

The newest release from the Men of Action series is here. Today I’m sharing a fly on the wall look at Hiking for Danger.

Men of Action series book, Hiking for Danger cover.

Sahara Daniels would rather study bugs than go on an adventure trip. But when this Romanian-Dutch-American beauty wants to prove her family wrong about her she realizes an adventure of her own is the only way to do it.

Cody Donovan, the park ranger moonlighting as a hiking guide, never mixes business with pleasure, but one look at Sahara and he’s ready to change his own rules. When a routine hiking trip turns deadly, and hunters decide they are ready to change their game from animals of the four legged persuasion to animals of the two legged kind can Cody get the group of hikers to safety while saving the beauty capturing his attention?


“Two bottles of water, no sleeping bag, no real food and no real change of clothes.”

“Well it’s only a four hour hike…”

“It’s a four day hike. And on that fourth day of hiking we’ll be going down trail to get to the lake where we’ll camp for the night before finishing off the trip.”

“No, it’s a four hour hike,” she said as if that would change his mind.

He took in a deep breath as if he were trying to calm his voice. “We leave today,” he said as if he were explaining to a child. “Thursday, half day hike to stopping point one—where we camp for the night. Then we leave Friday morning for a full hike to stopping point two—where we also camp for the evening. Then we leave Saturday morning for a full day hike before reaching the next stopping ground and camping for the night. We get up Sunday morning and hike another full day. And then, on Monday morning we get up pack up our gear and take to the lake where we take the raft for four hours downstream to our final port, you get on the bus and go back to your hotel, where you camp for the night.”

“Oh, no. The lady said it was four hours,” she was sure of that.

“How much did you pay?”

Normally that would annoy her. “Three seventy-five,” she said.

“Right, and that didn’t strike you as high for a four hour hiking trip?”

Okay, now he was being condescending again. “No, it didn’t.”

“Well, it’s not a four hour hike, so you’re missing some essentials.”

“So get the bus back here, I can’t hike for four days. And I certainly can’t do white water rafting. I can’t even swim!”

“Can’t, once it’s gone that’s it.” He seemed to be fighting to hold back laughter. She didn’t like that at all. It really wasn’t funny. Her reaction might have been borderline hysterical, but this wasn’t funny. “Look, I’ll share my food with you and you’ll get through until we can get to a natural spring and refill your water bottles.”

“I don’t swim,” she said absently. Never mind the fact that she had left her meds at the hotel. Of course she could do without them for a little while, but she hated to miss a dose.

“You’ll be fine.” He picked up his pack and effortlessly tossed it on his back. “All the supplies we need to go down river are waiting for us, and while it’s not a ride in some amusement park we won’t be taking the advanced rapids. It’s doable.” He assured her before turning and looking at everybody else. “Okay, let’s go people it’s a long hike to our first stopping point.”

This is one hiking trip Sahara is probably going to end up wishing she had missed. Hiking for Danger is available now on Amazon, Lulu and Barnes and Noble.



  1. Oh my God! I would do something stupid like that. Pay an outrageous price for something like that. What a great sounding story. This is going to do well!

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