Cello Diaries: The Things I Learn


Cello playing has been going okay. I learn something new all the time and yesterday’s practice was no exception to that statement. The things I learn range from useful to “ah, okay…that was interesting,” type things. For instance I learned three things during practice yesterday.

  1. My tuner will abandon me for construction workers. The heavy equipment seems to like vibrating from B-flat to D and beyond so my tuner will pick that up over my cello no matter where that heavy equipment is positioned down the street.
  2. My cello sounds fabulous–when I hit the right notes that is 😉
  3. I am still getting stuck in the same place I was the first time I attempted this song and if I could cut out the middle half of the song I could so finish playing this one and move onward.

Overall I had a good time with practice. I have a total of four days left before I have to add in a new segment of scales. I’m behind on the video lessons I recently found, but that is because video lesson four is a step ahead of my skill level, whereas video lesson five is right on target for me. I guess I self-taught myself out of order. Which makes sense. I wanted to learn vibrato so I taught myself by reading ahead in my study book and then researching on-line how to do it. Apparently vibrato should have come well after video lesson four which takes me into 7th position. 7th!? Seriously; I’m just really getting a dead on stretch for harmonics and now I have to go into 7th position? I think not.

The guy started lesson one with “this is how you hold the bow,” type stuff, which had me thinking, ‘okay I know that, but a refresher is always good.’ Then by lesson four he’s like, “let’s play this scale down to 7th.” My words were, “yeah, you do that. I’ll stay right here where I am.” :). Okay, so I’m a bit of an ambitious cello player so I will keep trying to get through video lesson four, but I don’t want it to slow me down and since I know the steps for video five I think I’ll add that in to finish off practice on a high note next week. 7th Positions!? Really! Just really…I know I have to get there eventually, but could he maybe just slow down? You know just go a little slower because sometimes a woman needs a slow ease into certain positions.



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