Fly on the Wall Sunday: Apologies to You

Hey. I do apologize. I missed all the posts last week. I’m going to try to do better this week. I just didn’t have anything to share for the Wednesdays with the Arts post. Cello Diaries really would have just been about practicing the same pieces still, and everything else just got lost in the commotion that is life. I do hope to get some sewing time in today (hope, but I am not sure yet that it will happen) and if I do then I’ll share that update on Wednesday.

Okay, so kicking the week off strong I am going to share a snippet from my upcoming book ~ Shadow Hills Returns: Family Ties. It will be out in the next few days on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Shadow Hills Returns Family Ties

The Devenshaw girls are back and trouble is on their mind as well as two sexy cowboys. Emmie and Darcy tightened the family bonds while in prison and that could prove dangerous for Shadow Hills. But while Emmie and Darcy have revenge on their mind, two sexy cowboys can’t be ignored. Will Emmie meet her match in Storm Landry? Can Shadow Hills survive another round of Emmie and Darcy trouble?

Find out in Family Ties


“That was a solid case!”

“Counselor if you can’t control your outburst I will find you in contempt of court.” The judge snarled. Emmie was having a hard time not laughing at the courtroom theatrics. She truly did love mayhem; that is she loved it when she was the one in the safe zone. Watching the DA and the judge assert their authority had her licking her lips at the thought of how sweet it would be to watch the same chaotic circus unfold in Shadow Hills—only it would be much worse, she was sure of that.

“Therefore this judge is overturning the previous conviction.” He rattled off legal jargon that she cared nothing about before his gavel signified his decree was final. She watched the DA huff and puff over his anger and the urge to gloat nearly consumed her, but she couldn’t. She already knew she and Darcy had to keep their inner thoughts to themselves. They embraced each other. Her father shook their attorney’s hand and then they all left the courtroom. When they got in the car and were on their way back to Shadow Hills she and Darcy sat in the back of the convertible Cadillac. She held Darcy in her arms. The one thing she could say about being in prison was that it had brought them closer together. She had protected her baby sister, and for the first time in their life they were not rivals—they were family.

“Try not to get caught this time,” her father said.

“Oh, we won’t.” Emmie grinned. Her family never cared what evil was done just so long as they didn’t get caught doing it. It cost too much money to buy a judge. District Attorney’s were cheaper, but her father had said this one couldn’t be bought and it would be a waste of time to try—but the judge was a different story. Two years had been a long time, but she and Darcy had survived it together. They had both realized that individually they were powerful, but together they were unstoppable. Emmie grinned as she looked out at the mountains surrounding them. They were Devenshaw women and proud of it.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the first book in the six month long series you can get The Cost of Love on Amazon and Barnes and Noble too.


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