Cello Diaries: Storm Ahead

storm ahead

I am pleased with today’s cello practice, but it still needs work. I know that probably sounds strange, but it’s true. I am pleased with practice, and now that I’ve actually admitted that I am sure there is a storm ahead because I didn’t put my skills down not even once—yet anyway. This post is still young ;).

Being serious here, for a minute, I started a fresh set of lessons to practice in my self-imposed study schedule. So of course, fresh start and first day sometimes has kinks that need to be worked out and today’s practice wasn’t an exception to that. However, it was a good practice and the kinks were few and relatively far in between.

So for the next five days I will be working on these lessons and trying to get them where they need to be before it is time for me to move forward.

Why do I have this schedule? Basically it’s to keep me moving forward. You see I find a comfort zone and I stay there. I like first so I stay in first. I had to force myself to play in other positions and now that I’m relatively comfortable with fourth and harmonics I notice I tend to work them into pieces whenever I feel the shift would be best for the piece.

So yes, vibrato is still going well and it still needs work on certain fingers. Shifting positions is going well, but it still needs work. Today’s pieces were okay, but they still need work. So I, Capri the Cellist (In Training), will keep practicing every day. Practice makes better. Learning is a good thing. And if you notice that I’m dropping the C.I.T. (Cellist in Training) a bit more often it’s because to me it was my crutch. It was my excuse, in some ways, to explain why I’m not where I want to be. And sometimes the only way to grow, to learn, and to improve, is to put down the crutch and stand on your own. So I am Capri, the cellist who will always be learning and always be in training, but at the heart of the matter I am a cellist and it’s time to start letting go of my crutch.



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