Wednesdays with the Arts: To Art is Divine Not a Waste of Time

Hey there and happy Wednesday to you you :). I have to say I miss painting and my mother totally noticed that as she’s the one who said the other day, “you miss painting; don’t you?” Well yes, but half my supplies seem to still be lost in crates, and I really can’t fit it into the schedule right now. Moving into a home where you’re not planning to leave at the end of the year is a lot of work. Not to mention that I have the work of writing books, editing, designing covers and the what not. So I pick my arts carefully.

Cello is a staple. There is no pushing it out for another art. That means I have to arrange my time around that. The arts that take the backseat are baking (sad, I know), sewing and knitting. But I’m eager to finish my dress so I really need to get on with sewing. And I’m trying to finish wrist warmers for my mother so I really should get on with knitting. Winter will be here before I know it and I’ll still only have 1.25 warmers. Ah, sadly knitting is probably in the trunk of the car and not on the backseat right now.

But sometimes I get a chance to fit most, if not all, of my arts in each month. This month I embarked on my kitchen adventures and made things I hadn’t made before. I made the Honey Oat Bars, granola bars and I grilled potatoes. I haven’t grilled potatoes before so that was an experience for me. I rather liked it. But I did not like cleaning the grill…but when do I ever ;).

So here’s a look at my two kitchen adventures for this week,

Granola ~ I had everything except the jam and I’m okay with that because I liked this creation without jam. I could possibly like it with jam too. I don’t know, I’ve never had it before so I suppose it’s possible.


Grilled Creations ~ This was a rather yummy dinner. I have no complaints on taste. I’m not a huge fan of corn on the cob. It’s not that I don’t like corn because I do like it. I just don’t like things that get stuck in my teeth :). But even the corn was good.


So whats next on my kitchen adventure list? Well I found this recipe… ;).


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