Fly on the Wall Sunday: Secrets and Lies

After discovering her mother’s body on one of her construction sites, Thena Davis enlists the help of private investigator, Thomas McGregor. Thomas has every reason to turn down the case, but the perplexing mystery, accompanied by the beautiful woman in front of him, has him saying yes to her request to help her find answers. When he learns of the attempt on her life he takes it upon himself to protect her, even if she doesn’t want him to. Can Thomas battle his own demons while helping Thena solve a mystery from the past? Or will secrets and lies cost both of them their life?

Secrets and Lies cover to use


“Like you haven’t showered with a woman before.”

“Never at my place…and not in a long time. I tend to shower at home.” He wasn’t a celibate saint. He wasn’t a male slut either. But showers weren’t something he did with just any woman.

“So I’m the first…”

“The first to what, Thena? The first to sleep in my bed? The first to shower in my shower? Yeah, you’re the first for both of those things.” He tightened his hold on her, pulling her closer to his body. “Does that make you feel better?”

She looked up at him. “I’d be lying if I said it didn’t. Yeah…I like that I’m the first to share that bed with you…the first to share that shower with you…it feels really good to know that. I don’t know why it does…but it does.”

It felt good for him too. Knowing he was sharing his home for the first time, in this way, with a woman as special as Thena sent all sorts of emotions through him—every one of them felt good, except for one—he still wished he was able to claim her as his own, as his wife, to know that no other man would ever have the chance or the right to do so. She might say she could wait forever, but he wasn’t sure she could. He wasn’t sure that somebody wouldn’t come along to show her that she could have all that she deserved. Knowing that, feeling that, made him full of jealousy. Just the thought of another man touching his woman, caressing her, tasting her…he couldn’t bare the thought, but he didn’t have the right to ask her to wait for him. If she wanted to leave, he would have to let her go.

“Don’t worry, Thomas. I’m not getting super possessive on you. When you want me to leave I’ll go quietly. But until you say those words…well, you’re stuck with me.”

She had obviously misinterpreted his silence. “I don’t want you to leave, not now, not ever. I won’t be uttering those words, Thena. So I guess you’re stuck with me too.”

She turned sharply, stood on the tips of her toes and wrapped her arms around him. “Good. I was so hoping you would say that.” She placed a soft kiss on his lips. “I think that makes me happier than knowing I’m the first to share your shower with you.”

Secrets and Lies is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble  , and Lulu (print)


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