Wednesdays with the Arts: Indie Life Hop


It’s that time again–time for the Indie Life blog hop. I have talked about copyright law, my experience with indie publishing, finding balance, and other Indie Author things. Today I’m talking about finding desire, and losing it.

My mother says you have to take the good with the bad. She’s right, and I know this. There are two sides to every coin so to speak. So when I decided to put my work out there for others to read I was very much aware there would be the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

I have always loved writing. For most of my life I kept my writing to myself. My poetry was a huge part of my feelings and I wouldn’t share it with anybody. My fiction was a mix of me and my imagination and I wouldn’t share that either. I remember the first story I allowed somebody to read. I was in junior high in the Compu-Tech program within my school and my teacher assigned us a task–write a story and then use the computer to illustrate it. So of course my story was a murder mystery. I was a huge fan of Agatha Christie at that time. And the only thing we had within our computer graphic arsenal were turtles, houses, and other “juvenile” things. How does one illustrate a murder mystery with turtles and houses and not so murder inclined things?

Well I don’t know how one successfully uses those things to illustrate a murder mystery, but I did it. There were turtles, houses, a moon in the first frame and the sun in another. No, my turtles were not shown killing each other–there wasn’t a graphic for that, but at that point I just used what I had. I remember my teacher loving the story. She said to me, “you should be a writer.” I had my, “whatever,” thought in mind. I was going to be an actress. Yes I knew that since I was about three years old. I distinctly remember knowing my entire life that I was going to be an actress. I even started modeling so I could act. I started acting, made a move in the opposite direction from Hollywood and there is where my acting dreams fizzled before they sizzled. Thank God for that because with what actors and actresses go through now I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. But at the time when I wanted to do it the craziness of today was non existent.

Fast forward to today. I have to say that had it not been for major issues in my life I would have never published using Amazon. I had used Lulu for print books and liked it, but Amazon and e-books wasn’t even a thought for me back then. But life happens and new roads reveal themselves. I took one of the books I had on Lulu and it became my first Amazon listed book. That book was Dangerous Obsessions. Clair and Greg kept me busy writing their story which was a mix of suspense, romance, and emotional and psychological exploration–which is how I write and what I write.

One book led to another, and then another. Now it’s what I do. It’s my bread and butter. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t know where the future will lead me. But I do know I will always be a writer in one fashion or another.

Thanks for stopping by my post for the Indie Life Hop. Don’t forget to continue the hop to see what other bloggers are saying this month. And stop by the official Capri Montgomery Newsletter for fun updates, games, and July facts.



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