Fly on the Wall Sunday: On Thin Ice

Something about my reading tastes leads me to the book where the man can step up to the plate and rescue the leading lady even if she is one of those tough as nails kick butt and take names leading ladies. Akira is definitely not that kind of woman. She’s sweet, innocent in so many ways, and never in her life has she been in a position like what she finds herself in now. What I like about her is that in the face of danger, faced with the odds of losing the man she loves while he’s trying to save her, Akira finds out just what she’s made of, and just how far she can go to ensure victory. Below is an excerpt from On Thin Ice ~ part of the Special Ops series Search and Rescue segment.

On Thin Ice


Satisfied that she was alone he quietly entered and quickly made his way to her. The room was darkened except for the single fifty watt light bulb dangling over her head.

He pulled out his knife, ready to cut the bindings holding her in the chair. The moment he touched her shoulder she awakened with a frightened gasp. “It’s okay,” he whispered. He saw the tension in her body ease.

“Jet,” she whispered nearly breathless. “You came for me.”

He cut the binding on one ankle as he stayed behind her chair, watching the door and ready to shoot should somebody enter. “You knew I would come for you.”

“I had hoped, but I wasn’t sure you would.”

He moved to her side, ready to work on the bindings holding her wrists to the arms of the chair. “I will always come for you, Akira.” He placed one gloved palm on her cheek and she leaned into his touch. Her eyes closed and he could see the single tear escaping them. He quickly freed her from her remaining bindings. “We have to go.”


On Thin Ice is on B&N, Amazon and Lulu now.


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