Friday Dish: The Quarter Ahead

So far things have kicked off to a fairly progressive start. I released the first book in the second season of the Shadow Hills series with Shadow Hills Returns: The Cost of Love.

All of the planned 2013 releases are pretty much written, though not edited so there is still work to go on those before I can relax and say they are ready for release on schedule.

I started two new series. One will be a tree book series. I wasn’t really planning on it to move past one book, but there were two other characters who really needed their story told and so I decided I definitely wanted to tell it. I’m wrapping up book one and have already started book two. I still have a lot of research to do for book two, but I’m really excited about where the story can go.

My new Web site is moving along and it should go live soon. I’m hoping by end of August at latest. It’s taking a while, but I’m okay with that. So far the new site is more me than the old one. It’s simplistically artistic, that’s what I call it, and that’s a lot like me. It also leaves room for the me that is me and not just writer me and for that I am very much happy with the new design.

Still Ahead

So while I’m not living my life quarter by quarter I do have goals I hope to achieve within the next few months and things that will be happening for me as well.

Music is going well for me. It’s not perfect–nothing ever is, but it’s going well. I have finally stopped being super hard on myself (not hard, just super hard) and I can admit to the improvements when I make them even if they are small. I have written out my outline for study from now through mid October and it is my goal, by the end of this month, to get back to this Irish tune that I tried to learn a while back, but never got past the first half of the song. It’s not an easy tune to learn, but I think with where I am now as opposed to where I was, that I might be able to get it this time. I will work on it until I do…and probably longer too. I have plans for that song. Provided things happen as scheduled for next year I’ll need to play it in public.

Writing is going to see more books of course. I think I’ll always be a writer so I’ll most likely always be writing. My goal is to get back to some old books and finish them. I’ll be working hard on the 2014 book releases, which is what I’m mostly writing now.

And there will be more of Shadow Hills Returns as well. Here’s a look at The Cost of Love. This one is available now.

The Cost of Love electronic copy

Shadow Hills is a town where secrets thrive. Unfortunately for Kia, she’s going to soon find out that not even the most well kept secrets can stay buried forever.

Kia Davis moved to Shadow Hills for the same reason that brings everybody else there—she has a secret, one she would prefer stayed that way. She’s on the run from her past, hiding out in this small town and clinging to hope that one day she can make a life for herself with the man she loves.

Can Kia have her cake and eat it too? Or will the past she’s running from catch up with her and ruin the wishful dreams of her future? Find out in Shadow Hills Returns ~ The Cost of Love.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place. Have a great weekend you all :).

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