Cello Diaries: Faster

Cello Diaries Faster

I started this week’s practice on a mission.

Mission: Finger Faster

I’m working on increasing fingering speed for the faster paced movements.

Status: Moderately Passing Grade

Basically, this is going to take practice–a lot of practice, but it is getting faster. I scaled it back and instead of working on all the finger combinations I decided to get one and then move on to the next. At first I thought I would practice two at a time, but I decided with the other skills I’m trying to fine tune that one combination for faster fingering practice was enough for now.

Overall, I am moderately satisfied with the practice thus far. Today really made me happy because my combination fingering went very well. I spent less time stressing on the change of the bow and because of that my brain and fingers were able to just relax and function without too much thought. As a result, when I changed the bow from up to down I didn’t drop the fingering speed or miss the note. I can still use much improvement. I need to go faster, but that will come with time.

Cello practice was okay. It could be better, but I will take the accomplishments as they come, no matter how small they may seem.


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