Wednesdays with the Arts: Wearable Arts

I’m sewing…not every day or all day as I have done in the past, but I am still sewing. I believe this to be my last formal dress for a while. I need to make everyday clothing as I have more formals in my closet than regular clothes and I have nowhere to wear these beautiful dresses. Okay, so half of them probably don’t fit anymore, but they’re still in the closet, they’re still beautiful, and I still don’t have anywhere to wear them :).

Here’s my dress thus far. I had intended to add lace, but I forgot to do it where I wanted it and therefore there is no lace on this dress. That’s fine I guess as I still need to draw the design on the train anyway so it will still have enough pizazz from the back view and the front isn’t looking that bad either :).


I still have a ways to go before this dress is complete, but I really like it thus far. I think the front will need to be shortened, but I want to leave the back train as it is. I shall have to call on the powers of Mom for this part of my task as I cannot hem a dress I’m wearing. The dress form doesn’t fit my dress so I can’t use the headless body either ;).

Added to my to-buy list:

  • New dress form
  • More material for everyday wear dresses
  • More material for dress pants
  • More material for undies
  • More material for night clothes
  • Boning
  • Replacement embroidery machine
  • Shoes

🙂 Don’t you love how I added the shoes in there? Oh, don’t worry, my non-sewing to-buy list is way longer than that above. I don’t know when I’m going to buy any of the above things, but when I have money I sure would love to get some of the things on the list off the list.

Have a wonderful Wednesday you all :).



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