Friday Dish: Alternate Realities

It was Thursday. You see I had a plan to sit down and catch up on some school work. I’m falling behind on my own schedule–not the school’s schedule, but my own. I don’t want to fall behind because I don’t want to play catch up later. So I figured I would put writing aside, make a dent in my recent project, and then do my cello practice. I could get back to writing if I felt like it after all those other things were done. I was going to do a bit of sewing too. Yes, I had a plan. In my version of reality I was going to wipe everything off the to-do list today. In my head, working on the project was only going to take two hours.

But Here’s What Actually Happened.

I left my version of reality and fell straight into the Twilight Zone. I started my two hour project only to find that all the hard work I put in just two days ago was flawed. Something just wasn’t adding up right and so the only way to fix it would be to solve the problem. I didn’t know what the problem was so I basically had to solve for x–great, that sounds like math so I should have known it would take a miracle to fix the problem. Fix, heck, it would take a miracle to find the problem.

I tried, but I couldn’t figure it out. The only thing I could do was go back an entire chapter, of way too many steps to count, in order to try to get back on track. In my alternate reality that seemed like a brilliant idea. All I had to do was check over everything step by step and I would find the problem so I could fix it.

An Enigma

Perhaps my alternate reality, the one where I could do this part of the project in two hours and get back on track was really the Twilight Zone. Perhaps the reality where there was nothing but problems was the true reality. The problem was a definite enigma. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Without finding the problem I couldn’t fix it. So I had to start all over, scrap the entire project and start again. Yeah, okay, I can do that, I decided. So what if it’s two days of work. I can totally do it. Well, in a perfect world maybe.

But this isn’t a perfect world so…

Here’s What Really Happened

Nothing I tried worked. Eventually I scrapped it all, changed direction and changed the design. Twelve hours later and I was back to where I started that day…back to where it all fell apart. But this time, it worked. This time things fell into place as they should have.

So at the end of the day I felt as if I spent the entire day working on something that should have never taken that long. But on the bright side, I had to start over so much that I now don’t even have to check my notes as often to make sure I’m working on the right step. Apparently practice really does make better :).

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place. Have a fabulous Friday you all :).


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