Wednesdays with the Arts: The Art of Fitness and Smoothies

You might know that I love to workout. You also probably know that I try to eat healthy and still keep the fun treats in moderation.

Since I love to bake I can make my own sweets. But sometimes I don’t have time to bake and sometimes I take a trip to The Dollar Tree and there is all this yummy candy stuff. Typically I’m okay with passing by the snacks, but sometimes I’m not. And as a lot of parents have said, bad associations will spoil useful habits. Well, it applies to food too. Sometimes the people you shop with or eat with can help steer you away from your healthy eating goal.

Sometimes going to The Dollar Tree is like going on vacation, you know when you buy things you don’t need just because. My good habits of “no we don’t need that,” did not rub off on my shopping buddy. So I had a lapse, but I’m trying to get back on track.

I think things in moderation are fine. Eat a piece of cake, not the entire cake kind of thing. But I also want to get healthier by eating things that are healthy, that will contribute to a healthy body, and help prevent certain dietary illnesses while helping me deal with issues I have due to genetics and being a woman. Genetics and gender isn’t something I can change, but what I eat is.

The Smoothie


Now I love smoothies. Sometimes they’re not so healthy. I found a bunch of smoothie recipes and decided to just make my own up as I went. So let me just say you can modify the one below by using water instead of juice or frozen concentrate. I have used water, it was too watery, but I think if I use less water next time it should be fine. Also, they added yogurt to their strawberry-smoothie recipe that called for water so that could be why it was thicker. I’m allergic to yogurt and I didn’t have any ice cream made so I couldn’t use that.

Anyway, back to my makeshift smoothie here. I don’t measure very much, but for this post I tried. Feel free to share the recipe, but please give credit to me with a link back to my blog. Thank you :).

Fruit Fusion Smoothie

Copyright 2013 S.C.Montgomery



¼ c Lemon juice *

1 ½ cups fresh strawberries halved

1 cup banana, peach and mango mixed fruit (use fresh fruit if you have it)

3 cups crushed ice

(If you’re not using fresh fruit/sweet fruit this may not be sweet enough for you. Please see toward the bottom of the recipe for tips on making it sweeter.)


Put liquid ingredient (lemon juice, water or whichever you use) in first

Add fruit

Add ice

Blend like crazy until smooth 🙂

Serve immediately. Refrigerate unused portion. If it thins out you can always add more ice and blend again later in the day to make it thicker.

If you find that your blender just isn’t strong enough for all the ice with that little liquid, you can always add more water/juice until the consistency allows your blender to do its job. For me I added 1/8th cup cold water.

Notice that I don’t add sugar. If you want it sweet I stand for using more natural sweeteners such as real sugar or honey. You can add about 1-3 Tablespoons of sugar/honey/sweetener of choice. Or taste it and if you want more then add more. If you use juices or concentrates sugar may already be added so verify the ingredients for you product of choice before adding sugar.

*You can use the juice from fresh lemons for a non concentrated mixture. You can also use water or other juices as your base, for instance (not so healthy I guess) option of frozen juice such as Welch’s Orange-Pineapple-Apple. This particular Welch’s concentrate has sugars and corn syrup so just be thoughtful of whatever substitutes you use in this step and pick ones that meet your health, nutrition and dietary needs.

**If you are allergic to any of these ingredients please do NOT make this recipe.

***I am not sure of the exact calorie count, but here’s what I have approximate calorie counts on:

Fresh Strawberries ~ 78 (

Lemon Juice ~ 0 (

Mixed frozen fruit (from this bag) ~ 70

So the approximate total is ~  148 calories per serving

This recipe makes 2 ¼ serving size. Both of these cups hold the same amount of liquid (slightly over 8oz). There are 2 of us so if there is only one of you then you can cut the recipe in half.

For the record, I do Not count calories (and I’m not big on measuring every ingredient) so if more recipes come in the future they most likely won’t have the above caloric information.

Which one of my characters do I think would enjoy this smoothie? Clair, from Dangerous Obsessions. That woman loves healthy ;).


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