Fly on the Wall Sunday: The Sixth Sentinel

This book isn’t out yet, but it’s on its way. The Sixth Sentinel is part of the Adventures Through Time series. I very much enjoyed writing this book. To say its science fiction probably seems like an unnecessary decleration seeing as though there is time travel involved, but I say it anyway because this book has more than time travel. This book is future Earth after destruction and centuries of the Earth regenerating itself. This one involves those beyond human and humans with powers beyond what is normal.

I have always liked science fiction so the more of it the better and this book definitely has more of it :). Today I’m giving you a teaser, both written and video, of The Sixth Sentinel.

The Sixth Sentinel Book Cover

When Xylia awakened without any memory of who she was she couldn’t have known that ten years later her husband would be dead and a man who claimed to be her true husband would come to take her back to a world he swore she belonged to. Mankind has destroyed the Earth she knew and all that’s left is this new world, one that’s foreign to her and one she cannot seem to find her place in. It doesn’t help that Chronus, a man who can bend time, but not his pride, professes to be her husband, but can’t get past the fact that she married another man in the past. Xylia’s life is in danger. If she cannot remember who she is and the warrior she used to be she will die. The war is burning hotter. They need all warriors at full speed, but sometimes it takes more than a warrior to balance the scales. Sometimes it takes a sentinel to arise and right the current wrongs in order to save Earth from complete destruction and devastation.

Can Chronus forgive Xylia’s marriage to another man? Can Xylia learn to be the warrior she once was? And will the Sixth Sentinel finally arise and save Earth again? Find out in The Sixth Sentinel.


Chronus paced the palace thinking of the woman he had gone back for. His wife, there she lay with another man beneath her and a band around her finger—a band that was symbolic back in that time of marital accord. He had stood there, frozen in place. Chaos had told him he felt trouble, and Chronus couldn’t deny that he felt it too. He had demanded to return for her. He had demanded they bring her back. And he had promised if they refused he would go retrieve her for himself. He was the only one who could bend time and travel. None other had the power to do so. He had gone back for her and this, this is what he found—his wife crying over a dead man—a dead husband.

The Book Trailer


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